The Peoples Currency

Do You Want  BTC then this is for you, Beals went out again jumped threw all the needed hoops and can now buy and sell BTC.

27th Apr 2019
More Bots

you asked for them so Beals went out and rounded up the best ones he has found to date and brought them home stop in check them out.

27th Feb 2019
Integrations

With the new changes we also now have easier ways to sign-in

Facebook and The Googles :)

26th Feb 2019
Lots of changes as of the new year

    We have upgraded the billing software to the latest recommended version with that in mind some older plugins and themes had to be let go hence the reason we waited so long to pull the trigger. This had to be done to move into the future.  As some may have noticed we are no longer offer ts3 at the current time and may never do so ... Read More »

26th Feb 2019

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