Get The Peoples Currency

Bitcoin (BTC) Vouchers

Buy BTC Vouchers the people currency easy from Beals.

    There is a trading fee that Beals requires to execute a buy. There is an additional transaction fee that goes to network miners in order to send the amount you’re requesting transaction fees are usually quite inexpensive, the average transaction fee is $0.30.


Terms & Conditions

  • Price based on realtime market data. The final value of your voucher is determined after payment has completed successfully. Depending on the time delay to complete your order there may be a slight variation from the amount.

  • For your security we do not store voucher details. You are responsible for storing your voucher details. We recommend printing a copy of the voucher and storing it securely offline.

  • Strictly NO refunds.

Please allow 3 to 5 business days for the transaction to take place before submitting a support ticket.

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