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Quoted from the author of the app Janni

The software is available in our download section or you may get it here

YaTQA is a fully-visual server management tool for Windows & Wine that supports ALL features of the server query interface. Manage servers, settings, channels, users, the user database, files, icons, avatars, bans, permissions and more in a nice interface.
There are no frameworks or runtime packages required to run it. The downloaded file will display a wizard that will let you select the language (English, German) and some extras (shortcuts, portable mode) to be installed.


  • Quick connect and list of server bookmarks
  • Instance stats and settings
  • List and create virtual servers
  • Send a message of everyone on the instance
  • Change your login and display name
  • Server snapshots
  • Vrtual server details, stats and settings
  • List, delete and add bans
  • List and delete complaints
  • Channel/user tree
  • Move, kick and ban users (even more than one at the same time)
  • Move and modify channels
  • List, upload/download, move (even to other channels) and delete files and even folder/file structures
  • List, delete, ban, search and (to some degree) edit database users
  • Full-featured permission editor
  • Revolutionary editable permission overview
  • Client channel groups
  • List, delete and use tokens
  • List, add and delete temp passwords
  • List and add log entries
  • Read and send offline messages
  • List running file transfers
  • List and correlate avatars
  • Manage icons

Features exclusive to YaTQA (compared to the normal client):

  • View instance stats
  • Manage/create virtual servers
  • Send a message to all servers
  • Create/deploy snapshots
  • Reset permissions
  • Ignore host message mode 3 and high security level
  • View very detailed virtual server stats
  • Move multiple users at once
  • Edit multiple channels at once
  • Send messages to multiple users/channels
  • Move files between channels
  • Upload folder structures
  • View and manage the user DB
  • View instance log
  • Download icons and avatars
  • Server templates

General features:

  • Multi-select in most places
  • Drag and drop in the server view
  • WYSIWYG BBCode editor
  • High performance



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