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For any reason if you are not satisfied with our service with your TeamSpeak 3 server submit a support ticket labeled snapshot before you cancel and take what you built with you. We don't want you to feel trapped just because you built your server here doesn't mean you are stuck here.

That also goes for new clients thinking of bringing your server to us  before you purchase a server send us a shout in live support or in a support ticket letting us know you have a snapshot you would like imported and we can do so  for obvious reasons permissions will be set to our standards for security purposes.  But you will have all your channels  Also if you are still deciding on moving and still have your old ts server elsewhere we can copy your channel layout for you before you end your service with your old host. Most host will not allow you to have complete admin query to do full snapshots, but we can get your channel layouts with  the sub admin query login.

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