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Domain Registration
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Our stance on products
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General Info of game server hosting.
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Various how to help topics.
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Info for compatible TS3 Server Addons.
emoticons for your ts3 server
Just copy and past as your channel or spacer name in your ts3 server.   ( ͡°...
YaTQA - Yet another TeamSpeak 3 Query App
Quoted from the author of the app Janni The software is available in our download...
WHAT IS TS3MUSICBOT? The TS3MusicBot is a unique MusicBot for TeamSpeak  The TS3MusicBot can be...
adding your Steam workshop
This process is really simple. Visit here and navigate to the link under create collection. In...
How to use your openid aka wargaming login to register.
What is OpenID and how do I use it? What is OpenID? OpenID lets players log into websites...

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